Just a kiss.

A kiss, an action as simple as breath, have meaningful priority.

You can use it to salute someone or to show affection. A kiss can be given at any time, anywhere, but the person who gives it is what makes a kiss important.

If you receive a kiss from a friend doesn’t mean something, maybe it’s a fraternal affection nothing else, but if you receive it from the person you’re in love with, it’s another story.

You feel like you’re flying, other things have no importance, there’s no reason to come back to the ground. You are in heaven. If the other person is in love with you, makes the kiss a lot more significant, and once you become a couple the kiss is a necessity.

There’s a lot ways to kiss, some are tender, others are a bit rude, some are given just out of habit. But the last (and more important) ways to kiss are such a hot act.

“If you want to kiss well and passionately, you have to use the tongue” Maybe that was said by a french.

By the way it’s been said that if you can tie a knot in a cherry stalk using your tongue, you’re a good kisser. Now you have a good excuse to buy some cherries and put the tongues to play.

The kiss is an act of love and passion, it’s used in a lot of scenes written in books or represented in movies when the love is in the air and the characters are in a situation when can no longer control his instincts. It’s the consummation of the belief in hope and love.  Maybe that’s the reason a lot of people imagine themselves kissing their platonic love.

I think the act of kissing is a beautiful creation, the final expression of love.

Lovers use it to seal their love.


I am the passenger

And I ride an I ride

I ride through the cities backside

I see the stars come out of the sky

Yeah, they’re bright in a hollow sky

You know it looks so good tonight.

Iggy Pop

PDX Skyline at night
PDX Skyline at night (Photo credit: photofish12)



I am trying very hard to get this well done. I’m new at this thing called writing, never thought writing it’s such a difficult thing.

I have the ideas, don’t know if they are good or bad, well I know that with some of them. But the problem is to express them, to write them. All the ideas come at my mind but when I try to write them, I can’t find the correct word to say what I want to say. I know that is a very common problem and some people said to me “Write it just the way it is” but I can’t.

I am very thorough with the words. I always want to say something that impress others. Even now I’m thinking what to say, which is a little funny.

I have posted three parts of a novel that I made spontaneously, the first one was a bit short and not well-thought, the second in which I put more effort was short too, but it had something that the people who liked it thought it was worth enough. I don’t know what it is.

The third part -which I think was the better- didn’t cause the same effect. It’s a bit frustrating.

So I’m planing to finish it, I’m planing all the scenarios to make it very well.

Said that, I think the problem was no to put the correct words to express what I was thinking.


She. (Part III)

We arrive at the park. We didn’t talk on the way.
I think she is shy. We still walking by the park.

Do you live in the house where I saw you the other day?– I asked.
Yes. But I live alone. And you?– She said.
Same. After ending the school I came here because it’s a nice neighbourhood.

She turned and smiled at me. It’s a beautiful smile.

The trees in the park are very tall, so the little sunlight that passes through the treetops framed her face perfectly. I smile at her too.

On the way there’s a bench. –We can sit here. I said.

So, you like the neighbourhood? What do you think about your neighbours? She asked me.

Well, it’s very quite here, and I need to admit, you are the only that I have met by now. But I’m glad for that.

It felt a cold breeze, lightning is heard. She took my arm and snuggled next to me.

Why looked at me that way the other day? I asked.

Well, I was trying to impress you. Did I succeeded?

Haha, yeah. You made me think about it for an entire day.

There’s a few people in the park, maybe it’s because it’s freezing out here, it’s a matter of time to start raining.

I know we haven’t talk to much, but I can’t understand why you are so confident with me. I said to her.

I’m confident with you because, I know I like you.

Her answer is very straight. And I was thinking she is shy.

How do you know that I like you? I replied.

Well, the form you look at me. It’s like you’re watching something fascinating, yet strange. And I like it.

God, this girl is mesmerizing. I can’t stop looking at her.

She laugh a bit. She straightens up and looks at me.. I can resist any more.

I look into his eyes, those green eyes that I like even more., I caress her cheek, I took her by the chin. I kiss her.

His lips are fleshy, red as a cherry, and soft as a peach.

A beautiful moment. Then the rain came.

Tall Trees
Tall Trees (Photo credit: Flannol)

She (part II)

Wednesday, It’s raining again. Leave my house to throw some shots at basketball camp. It’s near, only four houses away. The basketball camp is old, there are few trees around it, with this weather it scares me a little bit.

Anyway, I need to distract my mind; that girl of the other day, she impressed me.

It’s curious how a person that I have seen only once, caused that effect on me, sounds in my head. I throw the ball, I failed. I have a badly need to ask her why she looked at me that way.

I throw the ball again, this time I score. I go for the ball, turn my head and there she is. She’s standing there, watching me.

It took me like a minute to react.

Hi. I said

Can I play? She answered.

She walks toward me. I look her eyes, they are green; a dark green with hazel splash.

I’m Victoria. She took the ball from my hands a threw it to the basket. She scored, turned to me and looked at me with complicity, in a malicious way.

What a beautiful name. I told her.

I’m Gabriel. That are the only words I could manage to say.

Want to take a walk? She asked to me.

Sure, there’s a park nearby. I told.

She intrigues me.


I’m arriving, don’t know where.

I’m still walking down the street. Is raining.

I have a feeling, I turn my head, someone is watching me, a girl.

I look at her -is a beautiful girl, I think- but something in her disconcerts me; her gaze, she looks me with disdain.

I keep looking, think I like her. A dog in front of me barks.

-Damn dog- I said. I look back at the window, she’s gone.

-Who is she?- Echoes in my mind; I walk again and I arrive to my house.

Hope I see her tomorrow.